Essential oil of lemon. The healing properties. Application.

I’m sure many of You use essential oils. Or at least tried. But many of us do not have enough knowledge to not only get emotional pleasure from their wonderful flavors, but to use the beneficial properties of natural odors for full.

Today we will devote our conversation wonderful aromatic lemon oil and learn more about its therapeutic and cosmetic properties.

Aromatic oils came to us from time immemorial, from the ancient near East. At first they were used as incense, rubbing to get unusual and pleasant aromas. Then they began to treat. Over the past 100 years the rapid development of pharmacology supplanted aromatherapy and essential oils completely forgotten in the official medicine. But people’s memory is exterminated and people are increasingly turning to natural products, plants, nature.

Lemon essential oil – scented miracle. Its healing properties are widely used in medicine, medical cosmetology and aromatherapy, perfumery, the food industry and just in everyday life.

What will You learn from today’s article?

  • What are the healing properties of lemon oil and how to apply it.
  • How to carry out aromatherapy.

Now the major manufacturers of aromatic lemon oil are many countries where these fruits are grown. The rest of the country it is buy in bulk and prepare for sale.

Lemon oil is isolated from the rind of the fruit by pressing or cold pressing. This is a very time-consuming and costly process. Suffice it to say that 1 litre of oil is obtained from 70 kg of raw material. There is another method of getting lemon oil is a steam distillation at high temperatures. The method is faster, but the quality of the oil below.

The average cost of 100% of lemon oil in Russian pharmacies from 200 rubles and above for 10 ml is Consumed it drops, so the bottle lasts for six months or a year.

I went in there a few online stores and saw that the aromatic oils are there from 50 rubles for 5 – 10 ml., And on each label it is written – 100% essential oil. I was horrified! Well, can not high-quality aromatic oils to be cheap! This means that they are obtained by distillation of a couple, dilute with vegetable oils. Plus, money-hungry producers add artificial aromatic liquid. Indeed, in the early twentieth century, chemists learned to synthesize almost any scent, reminiscent of natural plant odours.

But we are talking about health and beauty! So, be very careful to choose essential oil of lemon. Buy only quality. See the annotation. Pay attention to the country of origin.

On the bottle of the oil in the brackets in italics should be given the Botanical name of the plant from which is obtained an oil. For example, the name of a quality lemon oil should look like this: 100% lemon oil (Citrus limon). This means that the raw material for the production of oil was the fruit, not an artificial low-grade supplements.

Check out more at home and the quality of the oil. Drip a drop on a clean white sheet of paper. After drying, the sheet must stay absolutely clean or with light yellow (this color from lemon oil). This oil is suitable for health and beauty treatments. If there is a mixture of vegetable oil, the stain will remain fat.

Talk a little bit about the chemical composition of lemon oil. The article about lemons I wrote about that in pulp of a lemon a lot of vitamin C, vitamins and minerals, citric and malic acids, etc.

In the peel of lemon and, consequently, in the lemon oil, there are other substances. It is very useful for health and beauty volatile hydrocarbons, such as limonene, linalool, citral, terpene and another three components.

If we breathe the scent of lemon oil, these nutrients through the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity penetrate into the blood. Spread throughout the body and affect various organs and systems. Same thing happened with the penetration of ingredients through the skin when applied to the lemon oil. When very high purity aromatic lemon oil OK to use inside.

Now You understand what the difference is qualitative, more expensive oil and cheap air? Quality oils are treated, become healthy, and cheap only smell.

Medicinal properties and application of essential lemon oil.


Lemon oil is a strong antiseptic and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Strengthens the immune system. Used for colds, as a gargle, with stomatitis, periodontal disease. They can handle small festering sores, herpetic vesicles. Dear friends, if the reading isn’t boring, read about tea tree because it’s antiseptic properties and is in first place among all essential oils.
Oil strengthens and whitens the tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay. Gums less bleed. Add 1 drop to your toothpaste when brushing your teeth.
Lemon essential oil is prescribed for anemia to stimulate erythropoiesis.
It has a tonic effect on the nervous system, enhances concentration. It is very good to take in winter time, when overcome by melancholy and depression. Bright citrus fragrance improves mood, boosts energy and positive emotions.
For our vessels lemon oil with a best friend. If You suffer vegetative-vascular dystonia and You have low blood pressure, cold hands and feet, headaches, very tired, be sure to do aromatic baths with lemon oil.
The indication for the use of oil is the varicose veins of the lower extremities. It strengthens venous valves, blood vessels and thins the blood.
In the elderly this oil clears the blood vessels of cholesterol and thrombotic layers, decreases sugar levels. Normalizes blood pressure. Prevents the risk of development of stroke and myocardial infarction. Pure essential oil of lemon can be taken inside. In a coffee spoon of honey add 2 drops of your favorite oil of lemon. Allow to dissolve before eating one to two times a day, for a long time.


Lemon oil perfectly removes oily Shine on the face, cures pimples and blackheads. Add it to Your favorite creams and masks for the face two or three drops.
Clean oily hair dandruff and strengthen the hair roots, adding 3 drops of oil to a tablespoon of castor oil. Massage into the hair roots, put on a plastic cap and wrap the head. After 2 hours, remove and rinse the head.
Lemon oil – a true anti-aging remedy for the facial skin. It exfoliates old, dead skin cells, improves blood circulation in the capillary network, inhibits the enzyme elastase that destroys collagen fibers, enlivens the face and gives the skin a fresh, healthy look.
Use it to remove freckles and lighten dark spots, scars after squeezing pimples.
Oil well softens scar tissue, warts, growths and corn. Apply before bedtime undiluted air.
Lemon oil whitens, revives and strengthens nails after frequent coating them with varnish. Add 2 drops in 1 tablespoon of almond oil, clean the nails and cuticles once or twice a week.
If You want to get rid of cellulite, take a grape seed oil – 30 ml, place in a jar and add to it 15 drops of the bottle of oil. Every morning after showering to lubricate the problem areas. A month later, the tuberosity of the skin will go away.


Aromatherapy is a way of introduction to the human body essential oils. You can use any that You no longer fit.

Oil burner and aromamedalony

An oil burner. Aromamedalony pharmacy, specialized health shops or at exhibitions for the beauty and health of sold oil burner and aromamedalony.

With the help of aroma lamp can clean the air from bacteria, viruses. Pour some water and drip 5 – 10 drops of oil. Heat diffuser over low heat, the butter will evaporate, the room is filled with pleasant and healing scent.

In aromamedalony you can put a drop of oil, put the child on the neck and send to school. He will periodically breathe and smell to drive away the influenza virus.

Bath and massage with lemon oil

Fill the bathtub with water of 37 – 40 degrees. Since oil is insoluble in water,Baths, massage with lemon oil it cannot simply be added to the bath. You need to take an emulsifier, which may be sea salt, honey, cream, milk. The amount of emulsifier should be small – 50 – 100g. Drip in 10 drops of oil, mix and add to bath. Take a bath 15 minutes, not obligates. Wrap up in a towel.

Massage to the base oil which can be olive, and grape seed oil add 3 drops of lemon. Massage the areas that are troubling You. For example, it is good to do this massage after intense exercise, with cramps in the legs, pain in the spine.

Compresses and inhalations

Compresses and ingalaciei arthritis on the affected joint is superimposed on the night a compress of warmed, mixed with water clay. Add five drops from the vial with oil. A thick layer put on the aching joint, cover with gauze, then wrap with polyethylene wrap on top of warm, woolen armband.

Cold inhalation is performed most elementary way. Open the bottle of oil, bring to the nose and sniffing. Inhale deeply. Such inhalations have a positive effect on the body. You will strengthen the immune system, will clear the lungs of mucus after bronchitis, and smokers from harmful carcinogens. Will have a positive effect on the digestive system, the blood, lower cholesterol and sugar. In General it is beneficial effect on Your entire body.