12 rules that will allow you to save and strengthen your health!

How to maintain and improve health? Think about that scientists and ordinary people think. Doctors, paradoxical as it may sound, are the “guards of the disease.” What to do? That’s life! Where You will find today healthy people? That working doctors hard: operate, administered the shots and pills.

But we are committed to the health! It is therefore need to investigate what kind of 12 rules that can help with this?

Rule 1. Before cure the disease, deal with their psychological state. Any disease is based on the level of emotions and thoughts. If You are oppressed: the fear, the unhappiness, resentment, jealousy, envy, anger – You take away energy from your physical body.

At the same time, people openly talking about their thoughts. All unpleasant, he tries to suppress. Gradually, the negativity finds a way in the development of any physical ailment.

We go to the doctor and start to complain about high blood pressure or pain in the right hypochondrium, i.e. physical condition! All! The circle is closed! There You Are! There is a physical illness! About the psychology no one remembers! But the thing is there.

Rule 2. Learn how to drink water. In our body bones have a solid structure. Everything else is filled with liquid. If You drink enough water, the blood thickens. And it threatens thrombosis. If insufficient intake of fluid in the body disappear the intercellular space. Cells will not be powered and will have nowhere to expel waste. Happen poisoning of the body’s own toxins. Everything starts with lethargy and malaise, and ends with the development of a variety of diseases.

The day should drink about 2 liters a Useful habit to drink clean water! clean, safe, strukturirovannoi and weakly alkaline water. Water from the tap or boiled atoms of hydrogen and oxygen arranged randomly. In human body fluids have a clear crystal lattice. Therefore, when You drink plain water, our body spends a lot of energy to her structure. And this energy could be spent on movement, metabolism, and health. Again Rob your physical condition!

The easiest way to get structured water the old fashioned way. Put the boiled water in the freezer, let it freeze, then let thaw. The melt water will be structured. Alkaline water to cook is also very simple. To two liters of liquid add half a teaspoon of sea salt.

Rule 3. Learn how to eat right. Food should be safe, so don’t use a lot of semi-finished products with various preservatives, dyes and emulsifiers. Food should be balanced in Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates. It should be saturated with energy and is a natural vitamins, minerals, biologically active substances.

Why in our country, Supplements find notoriety? Although in the world they are the primary source for health and Wellness? Companies that came to us on the Russian market, began to pursue an aggressive marketing policy. They did not pay attention to food in General, and persistently offered jars of all diseases.
Balanced diet for health, stavoveho not correct. First, we need to adjust the drinking regime and do not learn to eat right. Then in addition to Your diet, take vitamins from a pharmacy or high-quality dietary Supplements. Otherwise half of natural complexes will go to adjust power and water and only half in improving health. The power contained in capsule, will be wasted!

Rule 4. Protect your body from the aggression of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and protozoa. Our body is very tasty biological system for all kinds of parasites. They use our energy, Rob us of OURS! We will never get rid of these “invaders”. There are people who bring themselves to obsessive-compulsive disorder. They are afraid of Contracting. Constantly wash your hands, wipe door handles and the like.

There are people who endlessly clean your body, not paying attention to other important things. With many viruses and bacteria the body can cope on their own, thanks to the work of the most important of the Immune system. Well, what about Giardia, worms, fungi? All this evil comes from air, water and food from animals. Therefore, people who are watching their health, twice a year should carry out antifungal and antiparasitic program. It is best to include in your diet the many green herbs that do not like protozoa and worms. It can be garlic, onion, dill, parsley, spinach, sorrel. There are specially designed natural products for the prevention and treatment of parasitic and fungal conditions.

Rule 5. Protect your body without the use of medication. Many drugs are so harmful to the body, which in EU countries is out of production many years ago. We have also sold in pharmacies. One of the older people do not use pills. Buy five bubbles. And in Finland You can prosecute if you find at examination of Luggage of the drug.

Why this drug is so well calms? Because there are a drug phenobarbital (luminal). This is purely anti-epileptic medication. Someone will say that dosage is it in the pills is negligible. Wow void, if you fall asleep after taking it in 10 minutes. Thus, rule 5 says – try to only take medicines that you need for health reasons. Everything else – very seriously think. First, follow all the rules that will lead You to a Healthy lifestyle. Perhaps, then, will completely eliminate the need for medication.

Rule 6. Beregites from injury, fractures, concussion. Acliprect injury! during the year, injuries again, it is worth considering why this is so. Usually the person at a subconscious level, at the level of intuition, is looking out for himself. He feels the danger and avoids all the unfavorable points. Psychological problems in a person’s life prevent him to be focused, to live more peacefully and consciously. One of the indicators of psychological discomfort are injury.

Rule 7. Dispose in time of bad habits, to not fall into a strong dependence on them. Smoking, drugs, alcohol – it’s awful. But there are other, less dangerous habits. But this is not easy. Everything is too in Your life, robs You of energy, disrupts psychological and physical state. Someone not tear away from the TV, from computer games! Someone suffering from overeating. And the habit to sleep on my stomach! Too bad, because the head in this case arranged at an angle of 45 degrees. This leads to disruption of cerebral circulation.

Rule 8. Do not refer to heredity, if You have developed hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, low back pain, obesity, Oncology. It is not heredity and unhealthy lifestyle. No wonder all these diseases are called diseases of civilization. And so we assumed that time mom and dad had a heart attack or stroke, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that 40-year-old son also developed a stroke. After 30 years, to maintain your health it is also necessary, as, for example, to repair apartments, villas, to change the means of transportation. Inanimate objects older over time. So our health care about it will definitely come in decline!

Movement – the guarantee of health!Rule 9. As you move more. It improves blood circulation, improves the metabolism in tissues, improves the shape. It is important that Your classes were regular and brings You pleasure. So choose a physical activity, like aerobics, yoga, callanetics, belly dancing. In General, what you want. Not only upside down the day on the beds. It will be “abnormal locomotor activity”.

Rule 10. Improve the environment in Your home. It is clear that we can’t affect the ecology of the entire planet. But in your home you need to protect your health. Replace detergent “Fairy” on natural safe. Otherwise the whole chemistry of Your dishes will have You in my stomach. Take care of the humidity in the room, when winter heated battery. Ask if the dwelling house is old, what is his story. If this house people are constantly sick, dying, it is possible that somewhere there you can find the mercury. Now this examination can be carried out. Run away aimlessly from the basement. Especially children protect. Perhaps Your house is actually built on anomalous soil and faults. And You wonder why the whole family hurts all the time.

Rule 11. And yet there is such a thing as bioenergy. Scientists have proven that the biofield at the person financially. Surround yourself with nice people with whom You are comfortable, life is good.

Rule 12. The time factor that is always present in our lives. Time goes in only one direction – forward. The fact that today is lost, will never return. Here and about your health. Just take care of it.