Lung cancer is a cancer of presented chaotic division and growth of mutated abnormal cells that contribute to the emergence and growth of malignant tumors and the development of relevant adverse effects, complications and threats to the life with cancer man.

How to treat lung cancer? Lung cancer is usually subjected to such treatments:

Surgical removal of abnormal areas of lung tissue.

Surgery, usually performed in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. Malignant small cell tumor surgical excision is served in terms of early diagnosis.

Type of surgery depends on the size of the tumor and its position.

Removal of a pulmonary lobe.
Lobectomy is the excision of one lobe of the lung. This is the most common type of surgery for lung cancer. Such an operation is necessary when the diagnosis of cancer of the chest or tumors in any of its parts.

The vast majority of cancer patients undergo so-called gastric sleeve, which involves the removal of the Central bronchus in the same lung lobe.

The removal of the entire lung.
Pneumonectomy involves excision of the entire lung and is performed in the diagnosis of a malignant process within two or three lobes.

After the resection, many patients worry about the quality of breathing with one lung. Oncologists say that with one light you can continue a full life. Such patients are assigned a course of special rehabilitation therapy.

The removal of one segment of the lung.
Some operations include site-specific excision of lung tissue. The holding of such surgical intervention is advisable in the early diagnosis of cancer in a limited area of the lung.

Any surgical operation involves excision of regional lymph nodes. This is necessary because the lymphatic system can determine the cancer cells. After removal of the nodes, they are sent to the laboratory for testing. If in the course of cytological analysis is a cancer cell, respectively, then the patient is subjected to additional systemic therapy.

Radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiological radiation to destroy cancerous tissue. Oncologists radiation treatment used in all types of cancerous lesions. In the early stages of lung disease, the method allows to completely cure the disease.

In most cases, radiation therapy for lung cancer is external emitter. Therapeutic number of procedures shall be no less than 20 in a single course of therapy.

Modern methods of influencing malignant growths is often used in internal radiation therapy. This treatment occurs during bronchoscopy. The radiation source is located inside a narrow tube that is inserted into the airway. Radiation therapy is used to stabilize the cancer in the pre-surgery period.


Chemotherapy means the use of the tablets of cancer (cytostatic agents) for treating cancer cells.

How to treat lung cancer small cell form? Just with the help of anticancer funds. This type of cancer usually responds very well to chemotherapy exposure. At the time of making the diagnosis in most people small-cell lung tumor, primarily, has spread beyond the respiratory system.

The advantage of chemotherapy is considered to be a constant circulation in the blood of active cytotoxic agents, which are able to detect and destroy cancerous elements, detached from the main lesion.

Biological therapy.

Biological treatments are able to control or stop the growth of cancer tissues. The method consists in the administration of specific pharmaceutical drugs, which detects a malignant tumor at the molecular level and affect every single cell. Positive qualities of this type of therapy can be considered low pharmacological concentration of medium and high precision the effects on the body.

Radiofrequency ablation.

Than to treat lung cancer in the early stages of the disease? For early detection of cancer the doctor may recommend a radiofrequency ablation. The technique involves RF heating of the affected tissue, in which cancer cells are destroyed. This method is very often paired with radiation therapy.

Photodynamic therapy.

The development of modern technology has allowed us to develop a method by which cancerous tissue is destroyed using photosensitizing drug in combination with laser radiation. Photodynamic therapy is often used in cases of inoperable lung cancer.


Cryosurgery is a special way of removing cancerous cells by freezing them. This technique is often used with widespread forms of malignant neoplasms.

In many cases, cryotherapy is able to reduce the amount of swelling that blocks Airways.