According to doctors with ed-apotek.com most cases of erectile dysfunction due to causes of a psychological nature. And the problem is solved!

young couple in postliberation every man with the word “impotent” there is a shiver on the skin, because the consistency in this question for the stronger sex plays an important role. Full sex is not only a source of joy and pleasure, but also physical, mental, men’s health, the key to a good relationship with the opposite sex, the subject of self-esteem and confidence.

And if something went wrong? Most often, the man withdraws into himself, becomes insecure, and depressed. Problems can snowball and quickly go beyond the sexual sphere. So noticing the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction you need to immediately start working on the question, to look for causes and seek to eliminate the problems with erection. The good news is that the problem is solved in 95% of cases. But to get into these optimistic interest to the man in any case it is impossible to hope on “perhaps”.


They are divided into two main classes: organic and psychological. To distinguish them is quite simple. Erectile disorders organic nature appear gradually and are of increasing dynamics, spontaneous and night erections are lacking. There remains a strong sexual desire, but sexual intercourse becomes impossible.

Psychological impotence is sudden in nature, it depends on the mood of man, his inner state. Often the disorder occurs on the background of psychological problems and mental trauma. Spontaneous erections the impotence is preserved. Because in 90% of cases disorders of erectile dysfunction “blame” psychology experts recommend to start therapy with their search.


Very common issue, especially among those men for whom their sexual ability is a matter of pride and expression. Somewhere in the depths of the soul of such a sexual giant is very afraid to fail and it is quite logical that sooner or later, under certain circumstances, such a moment comes. For example, a man wants to impress a woman, thus it is “wind” itself, as a result of sexual fiasco.

“If the situation happened once, it will again” – going through the man and the fear of repeated failure makes his case: the problem is repeated again. And the more the more difficult to cut this Gordian knot. Tip: to change the attitude, to have a constant partner, the basis of the relationship in which feelings are beyond just sexual sphere.


Psychological impotence is as a consequence of other events in the life of a frequent phenomenon. For example, problems at work, with money. For normal men professional, personal development, financial viability is a top priority in life. And problems in these areas have resonance in others, including depriving man of the ability to have quality sex.

If you understand what the situation reached a climax tip one: something to do. Change the circumstances, work on the problems. As they say: be a man!


It can be a variety of fears and complexes from the so-called “I’m not good enough for her” to the real family problems of a social nature. It is important that you have understood what is the problem, can’t figure out for yourself – do not hesitate to contact the psychologist. However, remember that problem, no matter how complex and running it would need to be addressed. Otherwise, temporary erectile dysfunction will quickly become permanent, and you will forget about the joy of communicating with women at all.


It can develop on the basis of anything and is a common cause of male impotence. It is clear that first of all you need to solve complex psychological problems, and after or in parallel with them to solve the problem of impotence. By the way, some drugs that help cure mental ailments, can cause impotence. Therefore, do not assign yourself personal self – refer to specialists and honestly tell them about their condition.


Life is boring and monotonous? Wife years not remove faded shapeless robe? The reasons for the lack of libido quite a lot, and tips for eliminating them versatile and efficient: look for ways to make life more rich and varied. Give my wife a new gown and a set of silk bed linen, arrange a second honeymoon – in General, fantasize, need drive.


Smoking, alcohol, drugs slowly kill the man. There is nothing to say: either this or that. Choose for yourself – you are an adult.


Those men who happened to contract the disease, sexually transmitted infections, sometimes also experience problems with erections. The basis of these problems is fear. In this case we say in French: Cherche La femme! The only and unique, which you trust unconditionally, and for that trust to pay her the same coin – love and loyalty. Then the potency will be, and about the disease forget. The quantity is converted to quality – whether it is the dream of every couple and every real man?