Americans developed methods of protection from GMOs.

American scientists have managed to develop a mechanism to destroy GMOs (genetically modified organisms). The genetic code of the above organisms has been rewritten so that they could not reproduce without synthetic amino acids.

As you know, GMO’s are used quite successfully in many countries for the production of drugs, biofuels and agricultural products. Scientists were able to develop security measures that give the opportunity to halt the process of reproduction of organisms in less predictable conditions than the bioreactor. An example of such a situation can be the process of cleaning up the sea after an oil spill or in the quality of drugs in the human body.

The scientific group under the leadership of Farren Isaacs of Yale University has made changes in the genetic material of Escherichia coli in several places. Moreover everything was done so that the body has become dependent on synthetic amino acids. As a result, in the absence of the latter RNA bacteria can’t form proteins.

According to the authors of the experiment, the above technology is necessary to develop and apply to different genetically modified plants and even animals. The team leader believes that to rewrite the genome of the GMOs and to create dependence on the availability of synthetic amino acids is possible not only in the case of E. coli, but other bacteria and with plants.

But on the other hand, many representatives of the scientific community took such statements with skepticism. The motivation of criticism is very simple – it all depends on the number of genes in the body. In other words, the more genes in the body, the higher the probability of occurrence of unforeseen situations.