The research team from the India set – hard cheeses help to protect teeth from decay. This ingredient affects the normalization and the maintenance of acid-alkaline balance in the mouth. To obtain such conclusion experts have carried out a study in which participated more than 70 people in age categories ranging from 12 to 16 years.

Scientists wanted to find out how the consumption of dairy products affects the oral cavity. Clinicians have divided the volunteers into several groups. The first category consume hard cheeses, the second – dairy products, and the third cow’s milk. Both before and after the experiment was measured by the pH value in the oral cavity of the volunteers.

The result of the study showed that when pH dropped below 5.5 values, the probability of appearance of human tooth decay or damage tooth enamel was significantly increased.

Consumption of cheese warned the decrease of acid-alkaline balance, thus, protecting the dental unit from destruction by caries and erosion. It should be noted that the ingestion of dairy products and whole milk did not affect the pH level in the mouth. The most useful varieties of cheeses doctors include Parmesan and cheddar, Dutch or Swiss cheese.

Held parallel to scientific research aimed at finding out whether the use of cheese for people who want to get rid of extra pounds. A similar study conducted in Dublin, involving more than 15 thousand of people of different ages. It was concluded that consumption of cheese did not influence the rising rates of “bad” cholesterol. This implies that losing weight people not only possible, but necessary to dilute the diet products on a dairy basis.