Cinnamon reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease — study.

Cinnamon reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, caused by too high a fat content in the diet, concludes a new study by scientists.

Another reason to include cinnamon in your diet plan. According to a study presented at the scientific session “ATVB-PVD” American heart Association in Minneapolis, cinnamon fights the harmful effects of too much fatty food, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease (the author of the report Vijaya Juturu, Ph. D., OmniActive Health Technologies Inc, Morristown, New Jersey).

In this study, the researchers for twelve weeks in the laboratory were fed experimental rats foods high in fat content. One group of rodents along with food were given cinnamon, the other is not.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

The result: rats that consumed cinnamon, stout not so much, and, most importantly, they had much less of the dangerous visceral fat in the abdominal cavity. In addition, the level of insulin and blood sugar was much closer to the norm than those subjects who did not consume cinnamon.
In rats, which the researchers gave the spice, the lipids involved in fat deposition was lower. Cinnamon, when it acted on the organism of rodents as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

After that preliminary studies on animals, scientists have concluded that cinnamon reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems when they are caused by a diet high in fat.

Cinnamon has repeatedly been the subject of numerous studies. Many experts strongly suggest to include cinnamon in your daily diet because it suppresses appetite, improves memory and can be an effective means of preventing colorectal cancer.