Cloning depends on the ethics

Five years ago, a Scottish biologist Ian Wilmut world’s first cloned sheep, who became famous throughout the world as “Dolly”. Since then, cloned pigs, goats, cows and mice. The technique of cloning is that the genetic material of a mammal from the cells which you want to create a clone, put in the egg, and the egg is transplanted into the uterus of the donor is the mother.

Further developing regular pregnancy ending with childbirth. This procedure itself does not guarantee a successful pregnancy and birth of healthy offspring. So most experts do not support the idea of human cloning.
Rudolf genes from mit believes that the procedure of human cloning is unsafe: “I think that involving the cloning of biological problems are so great that we are only now beginning to understand their scope. It is impossible to conduct such experiments on humans, because they can result in the birth of sick people, and we have no right to risk”.
Supporters of cloning, on the contrary, I believe that you can use to create clones technique – safe. American endocrinologist Panos Zavos, specializing in the treatment of infertility, and his Italian colleague Severino Antinori announced that in the near future they will attempt to clone a human. According to Zavos, in the course of experiments on animal cloning success was achieved in 80% of cases, but it is hoped that the results of human cloning will give an even better result: “Certainly, we have learned a lot from research on animal cloning. We don’t know if it would work in experiments on man, but, abandoning such experiments, we will not be able to answer this question”, – he said the radio station Voice of America.” In addition to the formal medical institutions to the process of cloning and joined a religious sect. In particular, the Church of Rabinow, the bishops of which are many well-known scientists, has announced the beginning of such experiments in his own secret laboratory.

A few months ago, the House of representatives passed a bill banning human cloning. In all likelihood, this solution will also be adopted by the upper house of Congress – the Senate in early September.