Coffee has proved to be a powerful painkiller

It is no secret that coffee and lack of sleep often go hand in hand. People who are not sleeping at night for various reasons, are forced to drink coffee, to somehow cheer up. And recently, researchers made a surprising finding: coffee reduces pain in people with lack of sleep, says The Australian.

Neuroscientists from Harvard have found that chronic insomnia increases the sensitivity to pain. Sometimes there is not even morphine helps. But the coffee, in turn, blocks the increased sensitivity. However, if the person had enough sleep, coffee will not help to cope with the pain.

By the way, modafinil (analeptic, used to treat sleepiness associated with narcolepsy) produces a similar effect. Overall this is a unique method of treatment of pain. According to scientists, increased sensitivity to pain is associated with reduced alertness and vigilance, and not with direct changes to the pathways associated with pain.

And caffeine, and modafinil increase dopamine levels in the brain. So probably lack of sleep interfering with the transfer of dopamine. As shown by studies with mice, caffeine and modafinil immediately after the introduction of the normalized sensitivity to pain.