Created a protective fabric, which itself is “sews up” the holes in yourself

The fabric was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Drechselschule University. In the development of the applied proteins derived from suckers of an ordinary squid.

Highlighting these proteins, scientists created on the basis of their film, which is able to unite two pieces of fabric in the water like glue. This is due to the fact that in contact with water, these proteins begin to form new and strong molecular bonds, that is, have the ability to samsuiluna.

These relationships remain stable after the film dries, that is, the risk of cracking samovosstanovlenii tissue, which is observed in some other developments in this area can be avoided.

In their experiments, the scientists successfully used the technology on pieces of wool and cotton fabrics – placed film with a protein fabric, individual pieces which are then pressed to each other in the water. It looked like this:

The scientists also added to the film a special enzyme that neutralizes the effects of toxins like pesticides. In case of contact with dangerous substances film, the enzymes can break down him before the toxin hits the skin.

Among the applications somosaguas tissue – creating clothes for those who work with pesticides, and, of course, military applications – for example, to protect against toxins of clothing for the soldiers. It is noteworthy that the development was funded by the army and Navy of the United States.

An article detailing the research, the scientists published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.