Researchers from the University of California was conducted an unusual study whose main objective was the identification of the beneficial properties of dark chocolate on the body is undergoing the aging process. The past two weeks was observed in aging mice, which all this time has introduced the flavonoid epicatechin. It is a useful substance in large amounts found in chocolate.

Specialists found out that epicatechin has a positive impact on the body small rodents, namely reduced their levels of oxidative stress and the inflammatory process of the nervous tissue. These two factors are the fundamental sources of development rather dangerous neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, it was noted that such a useful substance had no effect on improving the memory of mice and also significantly decreased the level of anxiety in test subjects. Scientists claim that the information obtained may help in explaining the fact that dark chocolate has a positive effect on memory in humans consuming this product. Allegedly, enough every day to eat a small amount of chocolate for a while to notice a positive change in the body.

Previously been shown a beneficial effect of dark chocolate for metabolism and cardiovascular system. Experts analyzed about 20 studies on the basis of which it was found out that consumption of this ingredient increases insulin sensitivity and fights with systemic inflammatory processes.

Scientists hope to further explore the beneficial properties of dark chocolate, to detect its benefit to other internal organs and systems of the human body.