Diabetes: fasting can stop the progression of the disease.

Diet close to a post based on the consumption of foods low in calories, sugar and protein, but rich in healthy vegetable fats, can reverse the development of diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 types, increasing the number of insulin-producing cells, according to a study published in the journal Cell.

During the experiments, the American scientists have established for laboratory mice with diabetes hard four-day starvation mode. In the end, the researchers found the regeneration of pancreatic cells in rodents, organ responsible for producing insulin, whose function in diabetes violated.

“Causing the regeneration of pancreatic cells, we were able to prevent the development of diabetes type 1 and type 2 in the experimental rodents,” said Dr Longo, a gerontologist and Director of the longevity Institute at the University of California. In addition, it is possible to resume the production of insulin in the pancreatic islets in patients with diabetes mellitus of the 1st type”

This form of the disease is 5 to 10% of all diabetes cases. Often asymptomatic, it manifests itself in childhood or adolescence, when 80-90% of cells in the pancreas (beta cells) that produce insulin have been destroyed due to an autoimmune reaction.

As shown by the results of the study, after a hard diet in laboratory mice decreased insulin resistance, stabilized glucose levels in the blood and began normal production of insulin due to protein Ngn3.

Researchers believe that people have such a restrictive diet can lead to the same effect and relieve the symptoms of diabetes.

Such a therapeutic diet must be based on the consumption of food with low content of calories, sugar and protein, but rich in “good” vegetable fats. Total calorie consumption per day must not exceed 770-1100 compared to normal daily intake of 2500 calories for men and 2000 calories for women.

Previous studies have shown that fasting can reduce cancer risk, improve symptoms of multiple sclerosis and to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy, treatment of cardiovascular and other diseases in patients who have been fasting 5 days a month.