A group of scientists from North Carolina was discovered that the ingestion of fresh beetroot juice, in particular before carrying out a physical activity has a favorable effect on some areas of the human brain. The researchers attribute this to the fact that this beverage contains a large amount of nitric oxide. This substance is aimed at increasing blood flow to the brain, as well as increasing physical stamina and health of people.

In order to obtain this result was carried out a scientific survey, which involved 26 volunteers in the age group from 55 years. In addition, another criterion was elevated HELL. All participants were also United by the fact that they were inactive or sedentary lifestyle. During the study, the volunteers had three times a week to walk on a treadmill no more than one hour. Duration of experiment was 6 weeks.

Clinicians have divided the participants into several groups. The first category of volunteers about an hour before physical exertion had consumed one glass of juice, and the second group, this drink did not.

Found – in people taking inside beet juice, indicators of substances such as nitrates and nitrites was several times higher compared to those who did not drink such beverage.

This result gave the possibility to draw the conclusion that ingestion of beetroot juice has a positive effect on the brain, particularly in areas responsible for motor skills, expression of emotions and cognitive functions. Previous studies of the influence this drink found that to some extent it prevents dementia; it lowers blood pressure parameters and can help people with dementia. The nitric oxide contained therein is a powerful tool, essential for those organs that belong to the group of hypoxic.