Doctors dispelled the myth about the dangers of alcohol to your sex life

The popular theory that men who drink decreases the quality of sex, which can increase the viagra, denied Australian scientists from the Institute for medical studies. Copom. This was reported by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Experts came to the conclusion that, despite the addiction to alcohol that the drunks can have the same full sexual life, as in temperance, and in some cases even better.

Physicians, a study was conducted that showed that alcohol sovershenno not interfere with the high sexual potency of men, if any was originally. This fact is confirmed information that the scientists have analyzed the lifestyle of 1580 men-Australians.

In particular, the scientists studied the relationship between consumption of alcoholic beverages by participants and the challenges they faced in their intimate life. Oddly enough, experts have come to the conclusion that alcohol not only affects men potency, but sometimes it is much better.

“It turned out that among the lovers of alcohol is 30% less than those who has problems in private life, than among the supporters of tea and other harmless drinks,” said the authors.

At the same time, scientists stress that the positive effect is strictly moderate alcohol consumption. So, men who drank up to 4 servings of alcohol a day 5 days a week complained of erectile dysfunction. But if drank more and more, faced difficulties in sex, and the biggest sexual problems were inherent in those who suffer from alcoholism and even those who recovered from it.

As for the lucky ones, the lowest rate of sexual disorders showed men drinking on the weekends and on holidays. They have shown a level of sexual disorders was even lower than men, drinking even less often – once a week or less.