Clinicians from China, it was concluded – persons having any violations with falling asleep and insomnia are most often susceptible to the formation of life-threatening heart attack. It was also found that such a relationship several times more common in women than in men.

In order to obtain the necessary indicators, scientists have conducted 15 scientific research, in which took part more than 160 thousand volunteers. Clinicians studied the relationship with symptoms of insomnia and the number of deaths from diseases of the cardiovascular system. The researchers were able to establish persons are often suffering from lack of sleep, 11% more often faced with different pathologies of blood vessels and heart. It also became known that those who are not feeling fully rested after sleep, about 18% more likely to be subject to the occurrence of such consequences as heart attack.

From the resulting data, scientists from the Medical University in China concluded that – persons having any trouble sleeping, have more than 27% the probability to get a heart attack. This is because the problem with falling asleep affect the increase in blood tone and alter metabolic processes, what are the main contributing factors to the formation of the heart “disaster.”

Experts also believe that this is the most typical for the fairer sex. This is supported by the fact that women at the genetic level are more prone to insomnia than men, what happens on the background of the influence of hormones. For this reason, they are several times more susceptible to the formation of cardiovascular diseases.

Clinicians hope that this discovery will help, if not completely avoid, significantly reduce the incidence of heart attack and other heart disease among people, especially of working age.