Garlic: the benefits and harms to health. Recipes of traditional medicine.

Dear friends and readers of my blog, Hello! Let’s talk about garlic. Why I chose this topic for an article? Because the Internet has long been described all of his wonderful properties.

So, Yes, not at all! I love not merely to provide scant information about what you write. For me it is important emotional relationship to the subject of the article. Well, I like this vegetable, it ended, something I have confidence in him, sympathy.

Garlic benefits and harms to health has a lot of testimony for immunity, rejuvenate the body, treatment of flu and colds. But there are many contraindications, which must be aware people. Nobody wants to have complications doing good by strengthening your body.

Garlic in the form which we now use, has appeared on the Earth several thousand years ago. To cultivate this plant began in Eastern countries: India, Pakistan, ancient China. At first, it was used as a remedy for all ills.

He gradually conquered more and more territory. People began to pay attention to what vegetable gives physical strength, improves health. Then he began to appreciate the taste when you add it to a variety of dishes.

This amazing plant, which is associated with legends and beliefs in many countries since ancient times. In Russia with the help of garlic revealed sorceresses and witches (I can Imagine how hard times had such poor fellows!).

He attributed the ability to banish evil spirits, cure disease. It was considered a charm against vampires. Helped to start and successfully complete the court case. The magic of garlic allowed to believe in the success of any business enterprise or undertaking.

Today we are funny to read about a naive faith in the magical powers of garlic, but we need to understand and respect the views of our ancestors. MB through the centuries our descendants will say about us as savages of scientific and technical progress.

Nowadays garlic is used by all the peoples of the world. It is used in cooking, in medicine, to promote health, preserve youth and beauty. Arranged even annual garlic festivals in some countries. Let us rather learn about the composition of this root and its beneficial properties.

What will you learn from this article?

  1. The composition and chemical properties of garlic;
  2. Use for human health;
  3. Recipes of traditional medicine;
  4. Harm and contraindications.

The composition and chemical properties

Useful chemical elements contain not only the garlic cloves, but young shoots, leaves and husks. For health apply to all parts of the plant, and for food only cloves and green feathers.

Garlic contains many vitamins: vitamin C, vitamins of the entire group In, beta-carotene. It is a source of selenium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.

Of course, many of us have heard the substance, such as allicin, which is a lot of garlic. This essential oil, which possesses strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Sulfide group, included in its composition, give it a peculiar garlic smell, which is not be confused.

In addition to these main components, it has more than 200 biologically active components that exert on human health is multifaceted positive effect.

It would seem that the useful can give a person a clove of garlic, eaten daily? Because the number of healing minerals in it will be miserable!

In fact, due to the interaction of the components with each other is strengthening all the useful properties. None of their chemical compounds, synthesized and used in the form of drugs, never give the same effect of healing the body, as does garlic.

The benefits to human health

Virtually all the healing properties of garlic heads known to mankind since ancient times. Modern scientists have only confirmed people’s knowledge authentically studying its chemical composition.

In what diseases should eat this vegetable:

Garlic as a natural antibiotic
This is the best remedy for colds in the home. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Its scientifically proven antibacterial properties against streptococci and staphylococci in the study of antiviral properties against influenza.

Garlic for fighting against helminthic invasions
Used for the prevention and treatment of intestinal parasites: Giardia, opistorchis, tapeworms. Helps not only the juice of garlic, imbibed, but an enema with a solution of this vegetable.

Garlic improves intestinal health and strengthens immunity
Suppresses fermentative and putrefactive processes in the intestines, increasing the motility, secretion, suppression of growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, fungi Candida. Normalizes intestinal microflora, increases the phagocytic properties of T lymphocytes, the activity of macrophages and killer cells.

This vegetable helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis and hypertension
Thanks to the allicin decreased the level of bad cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein.

Cleaned the walls of blood vessels, reduced blood clotting, normalizes the process of blood coagulation.

Decreases blood pressure as the allicin lowers the tension of the vessel walls. In General, improving blood supply of cerebral vessels, coronary arteries, which have a positive impact on reducing heart attacks and strokes.

The garlic in the fight against cancer
Allicin, a recognized antioxidant, inhibits destructive free radicals, prevents mutations and degeneration of healthy cells.

Garlic in the treatment of anemia, weakened immune system, and vitamin
Vitamins and minerals, which are rich in garlic and its young shoots always will help the person to increase hemoglobin, reduce bleeding gums, improve the overall the body’s defenses and strengthen the immune system.

Benefits of garlic for men
During intensive athletic training is the release of adrenal cortical hormones – cortisol, which devastating effect on lean body mass. Scientists have proved that garlic lowers cortisol and enhances the synthesis of male sex hormones – testosterone, i.e. it acts as a natural anabolic. Athletes are advised to an hour before training to eat 2 or 3 cloves.

Who is to dissolve the garlic on an empty stomach
In inflammatory diseases of the mouth, angina, and also to purify the blood and lymph is recommended in the morning on an empty stomach to chew and dissolve a slice of garlic in your mouth for half an hour. Cake then spit out. And brush my teeth. To remove the smell to enjoy a Cup of coffee, a Cup of milk or chew parsley leaves. In these cases, their antibacterial and cleansing properties garlic has directly in of the mouth and inside the blood vessels, soaked in blood.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Tibetan recipe for strengthening immunity
Composition and preparation:

garlic – 10 heads;
lemon juice – juice of 10 lemons;
honey – 1 kg.
Garlic grind in a meat grinder, combine with lemon juice and honey, place in a glass bowl, tightly cover with a lid and 10 days to insist in the room.


During the 3 winter months to take before eating 30 g of the mixture, at least 3 times a day. To do so for 10 days each month.

Garlic oil to cleanse the blood vessels and rejuvenate the body
Large head of garlic clean, rinse, dry and cut each clove into two pieces. Put them into a glass jar. Pour very hot olive oil 500 ml, close the lid and in a cool dark place to store for 10 days. Is periodically shaken.

Then, strain and store in the refrigerator. A teaspoon of oil and at the same time the same amount of lemon juice to take half an hour before meals, three times a day, for a period of three months.

Garlic peel to rejuvenate the body
It turns out that in the garlic husk contains valuable antioxidant quercetin. Same as the grape seed or the wonderful blueberries. To prepare medicinal teas simple. Take 4 handfuls of peel (the garlic should be from your garden, not the Chinese) and pour 4 cups of boiling water.

Better to do it in the evening because the infusion needs to cool thoroughly. To drink throughout the day 1 Cup of infusion 4 times. Men need to take the drug with a 10 on the 20 th of each month, and women from 20 to 30. Apparently, this is due to hormones.

The result is your smooth and nice and moisturized skin, good mood, energetic.

Garlic against flu and colds
The warming of the soles of the feet can be done in the following way. Suzuki from one head to pound. To the slurry was added 100 grams of butter or pork fat interior. Before sleep RUB the composition into the feet, wear socks and go to bed.

Inhale the sweet smells of garlic. This can lubricate the wings of the nose and the skin under the nose the juice of garlic, put the mashed garlic in the bowl on the table to Pets inhale the healing aroma, put the mashed garlic near the head of the bed.

If you feel that a cold coming on, need to squeeze in a glass of hot milk, the juice of a few cloves and add a spoon (teaspoon) of honey. Slowly drink before bedtime and repeat in the morning. If you don’t carry milk, you can replace it with warm yogurt or even to insist on hot water.
Crush 2-3 cloves and add a Cup of hot water. Give it an hour and a half. Use the infusion for rinsing the nose and gargle.

Garlic high blood pressure
For the past 2 months preparing a “cure”: for 1 liter of milk takes 5 unpeeled heads of garlic and put on fire. After boiling the mixture is boiled for 30 minutes. Filtered. You will take 100 ml twice a day.

Harm and contraindications

The garlic ambiguous positive effect. There are contraindications and if they do not consider you can greatly harm your health.

First, the garlic must not be used for a number of serious diseases of the digestive tract: peptic ulcer, stones in the liver and kidneys, hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis.

Secondly, it is contraindicated in epilepsy. Remember that if there is a lot of garlic, and may develop headache, reduced concentration. It’s scientifically proven!

Thirdly, if the unwanted smell of garlic, which will come from you, it is better not take.

Fourth, pregnant and lactating mothers are also contraindicated garlic.

Fifth, it is in bronchial asthma.

Garlic: the benefits and harms to health are widely used in recipes of traditional medicine to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the blood vessels, preventing strokes and heart attacks, colds and flu. Love him just to eat at the table, adding in a wide variety of dishes.