How to take a contrast shower for the soul and blood vessels.

Dear friends, Hello! In winter it is useful to take a contrast shower. It allows you to “Wake up”, launches metabolic processes in the body and strengthens blood vessels. The use of a contrast shower is often recommended by doctors to those people who have low blood pressure, dizziness, and headache.

About how to take a contrast shower will be discussed in this article. For beginners it is important to know how often to do the procedure, at what temperature, how much time to spend on it. All you need to consider! Only then can you expect positive results.

What is the beneficial effect of a contrast shower?

Alternating water with high and low temperature is coached by our vessels. They are from hot water is greatly enhanced and narrowed from the cold this is the tempering effect of the soul.

Vessels become softer, elastic, contractile. Blood circulation is improved. Normal blood pressure.

A contrast shower is a kind of positive stress to the vessels. Thanks to “shake” the body triggers the dormant function begins to fight viruses and pathogens, gets rid of excess fat reserves.

Contrast shower. What are the benefits and harms

Useful influence of the soul on the body:

1. To treat vegetative-vascular dystonia without contrast shower is simply impossible. Low blood pressure begins to rise, if you every morning, take a shower and drink a ginseng or eleuterokokk.

2. The effect of contrast shower has a positive effect on the skin. The skin starts to breathe. Will increase blood circulation, cease to be cold hands and feet, chilliness disappears, starts the excretion of toxins through the open pores.

3. After a certain time after the start of treatment you will notice that the body became more fit, the sagging disappears, leaving the fat and increases muscle power.

4. Contrast shower is one of the most powerful procedures for hardening and preventing the development of colds.

5. Can contrast showers help with cellulite? Can! To do this, as the overall effect on the whole body, and locally treating areas of cellulite shower with flexible hose.

6. It’s good to use a douche of varicose veins in the initial stage. This will help you to pause and slow down the progression of the disease.

7. With chronic fatigue caused by excessive overloads (physical or mental strain, stress) will douches.

8. In the period of rehabilitation after an infectious or somatic diseases take a contrast shower.

9. To strengthen the immune system a contrast shower is a very important factor and is one of the first places.

10. Very good to relax, soothe psychological stress, a cold shower at the end of strenuous physical exercise.

11. Contrast showers are shown for cosmetic purposes: to strengthen the muscles of the chest and face. Improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the face, leaving wrinkles, improves complexion, firmer Breasts.

12. Finally, a contrast shower is not only a treatment for the body but for the soul. You will be rewarded with good spirits, physical activity, elated mood.

Contraindications for the procedure a contrast shower:

1.Colds or other infections with high body temperature.

2. Hypertension persistent increase in blood pressure above 160/100 mm Hg. article

3. Angina, cerebrovascular insufficiency, thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities.

4. Exacerbation of diseases of internal organs.

5. Cancer.

6. Increased nervous excitability, neurosis, and insomnia (relative contraindications).

How to carry out the procedure:

1. Contrast showers regularly and daily. In winter and summer. It should become your favorite habit.

2. Before the procedure you should wash away dirt, grease and sweat with a loofah and soap. If the skin is clean, then just mash it a little with a brush or washcloth to open pores. Improves skin respiration, to facilitate the release of toxins.

3. Beginners need to gradually move to the maximum using the procedure a contrast shower. First, the hot water should be normal and comfortable for you. This is 37-38 degrees. Gradually, you will bring it to 40-41 degrees. Cold water should be just cool 24-25 degrees. Will gradually reduce it to 10-15 degrees.

4. The first time doing three sets of 15-20 seconds, alternating alternately cold, then hot water. The procedure duration is gradually lowered to 15 minutes.

5. Douche is desirable to do in the morning, because the purpose of the procedure is to run the mechanisms of self – regulation, to increase the General protective forces of our organism. But miraculously some people like to do the procedure in the evening. Well, it is not necessary to give up personal comfort zone.

6. Shower procedure is indicated for adults and children, men and women. It is a safe procedure and is much softer effect than pouring cold water or ice swimming. But the results she gives are not less effective than extreme methods of hardening.