How useful pumpkin seeds?

Good day, my dear friends! From childhood we are familiar with seeds. Who has not clicked ever sunflower seeds or pumpkin? In childhood, I remember we called them the black and white seeds. I liked the big black, fried. It was fun to flip, poloskati, chew them! Who called this process! Never thought – is beneficial or harmful to chew sunflower seeds. Mom often swore: “Garbage from them so much!”. And they say: “Enough! Will clog up the intestines, appendicitis! Surgery will have to do.”

Reading notes on health in magazines or on the Internet, amazed! It turns out that the usual food can be amazingly useful. And sometimes, on the contrary! The fact that she is so fond of, in General useless or even harmful to the body. Let’s talk about what we all love from childhood – about SEEDS!

How useful pumpkin seeds? In pulp and pumpkin seed oil contains many valuable and medicinal substances. It is known by many. It turns out that the seeds are no exception. So when You click the pumpkin seeds, sitting in front of the TV, You will not only enjoy, but also enhance health. Well, isn’t it?


  • The composition and caloric content of pumpkin seeds;
  • Useful and harmful properties;
  • How to eat pumpkin seeds;
  • Recipes with pumpkin seeds.


The composition of pumpkin seeds are rich in beneficial bioactive elements. 50% are fats, which are a source of valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are necessary for all cells and organs to maintain a healthy metabolism, reducing cholesterol, blood sugar. Prevent increased thrombosis.

The composition of pumpkin seeds contains proteins, having a full set of essential and nonessential amino acids. That’s why pumpkin seeds are so popular in the diet of vegetarians.

Fat-soluble vitamins a, D, E easy to obtain, if you have pumpkin seeds. And here’s Your visual acuity, strong bone, smooth, flawless skin. Youth and health!

B vitamins can also nourish your body if every day little by little to eat pumpkin seeds. And this prevention of hyperexcitability, fatigue. It is a good spirit and great working shape.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in many micro and macro. They contain phosphorus, which helps strengthen tooth enamel. A lot of magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, and manganese. Of particular value seeds acquire, as a source of the mineral zinc, which is necessary for strengthening the immune system and maintaining reproductive health of men.

Perhaps the only negative, which is in pumpkin seeds is their high caloric content. More than 500 kcal per 100 grams of seeds. And favorite show on television will not have time to see how will receive more than half of your daily calorie intake! Be careful! Overweight by eating pumpkin seeds more than 60 grams for the evening – guaranteed!


Thanks to a rich composition of pumpkin seeds, their beneficial properties are widely used to promote health and treat a number of diseases:

Pumpkin seeds

1. Eat pumpkin seeds, thereby strengthening the cardiovascular system. This will lead to stabilization of blood pressure in hypertension.

2.Reducing cholesterol levels by eating pumpkin seeds will be an important component in the prevention of atherosclerosis.

3. Minerals and vegetable fats, which many in pumpkin seeds will help in lowering blood sugar and protect the health against diabetes.

4. From the depths of folk medicine came to us the recipes of struggle against parasitic infections with the help of pumpkin seeds. In the thin shell of the seed contains Cucurbita perniciously operating on intestinal parasites.

5. Pumpkin seeds are well deduce salts of heavy metals from the body.

6. They protect the liver from damage, pumpkin seed oil and minerals are effective medications.

7. Pregnant women to reduce the symptoms of toxicity is recommended to eat pumpkin seeds.

8. Pumpkin seeds while breastfeeding improve the quality of milk in lactating mothers.

9. Pumpkin seeds are of great benefit for men. The zinc contained in them are useful for the treatment of prostatitis, and benign prostatic hyperplasia and male infertility.

10. Boys entering puberty, recommend giving pumpkin seeds to strengthen the reproductive function of the male body.

11. To strengthen the immune system especially helpful to eat seeds in autumn and winter, when there is an increase of colds in children and adults.

12. The zinc contained in pumpkin seeds is beneficial for the nervous system. These delicious and healthy seeds will soothe the person with stress, increase cognitive functions (memory, thinking, efficiency), and relieve fatigue.

13. It should be noted that pumpkin seeds have a positive effect on the kidneys and are a good diuretic, prevents deposition of salts and stone formation.

The harm that pumpkin seeds can bring to health will be minimal, when consumed in moderation, not overeating. First of all, you need to understand that the more You eat the seeds, the more you get calories. If someone is not very carefully read the article, let me remind you that in 100 grams of pumpkin seeds contains 500 calori.
The optimal number of seeds that will not harm Your weight, but will add health, it is no more than 60 grams per day.
It is undesirable to use pumpkin seeds for digestive disorders: hyperacidity of the stomach, atonic intestines and severe constipation.


Where to buy pumpkin seeds? They are sold in any supermarket, where nuts and dried fruits. In commercially available as purified seeds, and peel. But you can cook this product. Pick a pumpkin that they themselves have grown or bought at the store. Remove the inner, loose part of which contains the seeds and rinse in running water through a colander. All soft fibers remove and place the seeds on a soft linen cloth. Dry, occasionally turning them. Then dry the seeds in the oven at low temperature – 50 degrees. Ready seeds dry and loose. Put them in a glass jar or linen bag. Pumpkin seeds ready to eat.

Which is better – raw or roasted pumpkin seeds? If You eat sunflower seeds just for fun, You may even want to eat them. But they will lose their useful properties. If You are aiming to get the maximum benefits of pumpkin seeds, that is they should raw.

With health benefits will be enough to eat 50 to 60 grams of seeds. One handful! Can be more, if You are not in danger of excess weight.


The easiest way to eat seeds is to clean, to chew well and swallow. Sometimes, when I have time, this method is very suitable. Thus, it is possible to watch live TV, just to relax and unwind. A handful of peeled sunflower seeds, you can have a snack in between Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Recipes with pumpkin seeds

  1. However, the use of seeds can vary. This will allow you to eat them more often. To great use! Any vegetable salad pumpkin seeds add a special taste and beauty. Best grind them up into small pieces in a blender and add to salad.
  2. Making cheese for the sandwich, you can add not only greenery, but also crushed sunflower seeds. Also very helpful and nice. Actually any sandwich can be sprinkled with crumbs from the crushed seeds. This will give a new taste of usual foods.
  3. Preparing yourself any sauces, you can add them ground in a coffee grinder sunflower seeds. Take as a basis the garlic, Basil, dill, coriander, tomatoes, olive oil, Apple cider vinegar. Be creative and make all sorts of homemade sauces. Believe me, they don’t compare with store-bought sauces and ketchup. They only healthy foods, no genetically modified soy and preservatives.
  4. If You cook vegetables, the prepared garnish, sprinkle with ground seeds.
  5. I even like to add whole seeds in the finished oat porridge.
  6. Pumpkin seeds can be added to the tarts, sprinkle the bread when baking.
  7. Of pumpkin seeds at home, you can make peanut brittle or caramel candy.
  8. Pumpkin seeds and honey. Make billet: 200 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds mix with the same amount of honey. Place in a jar. You can just drink the tea with this tasty treat. You can also use the mixture for treatment. Take 1 tablespoon 15 minutes before meals. Three times a day. As such, the treatment can be carried out pumpkin seeds for worm infestations, chronic prostatitis and other painful conditions, about which we spoke above.

Just don’t forget about the fact that honey not all people tolerate well. If You have an Allergy to honey, this treatment is contraindicated for You.

How useful pumpkin seeds? Appeared in Russia several centuries ago, this magnificent product has won the sympathy of all Russians. Traditional medicine found a lot of medicinal and useful properties of pumpkin seeds. Today, many people are using pumpkin seeds strengthen the immune system, cure many diseases, and just have great fun.