In Mexico, a unique child was born.

In April of this year in Mexico was born the child, the conception of which occurred with the mitochondrial DNA of a third person.

The technique of the “three parents” is to transfer the mitochondrial DNA from a woman donor into the egg of the mother. As a result of these manipulations, the child will have the mitochondrial DNA of a third party. According to scientists, the technique makes it possible to avoid the influence of mutations on the mother’s side. It is likely that the latter may be the cause of such pathology, as a syndrome of diabetes and deafness.

Mexico was chosen due to the fact that the US law does not allow to apply the methodology of the research. As for the experiment, its Director was Dr. John Chan, an American expert, who carried out the operation.

The doctor asked a couple from Jordan, whose two children died from the syndrome Leia. Leia syndrome – a hereditary disease which is accompanied by a neurometabolic syndrome. After a complete examination of the genetic material of both parents, the experts came to the conclusion that the cause of disease is maternal DNA. Therefore, it was decided to take the material from another person.

During the surgery, Dr Chan was able to successfully transfer the mitochondrial DNA of the female donor into the egg of the mother, which helped to protect it from syndrome Leia. Currently, the child is almost six months and any abnormalities in development or physiological status was not recorded.