Medicinal properties of black currant. Recipes health.

Hello, dear friends! Everyone probably likes the berries of the black currant! Here in my garden favorite ripe berries. We arrived at the cottage, the sun shines brightly. I walked over to the currant bushes – Oh! All full of fruits. Berries are large, shiny, the skin is thin and the flesh is juicy, fleshy. It’s time for the harvest to remove, as I did this weekend.

As usual, I will boil jam-five minutes and make mashed currants with sugar. It’s delicious and in the winter will be a lot of useful vitamins. The immune system will be strengthened from the cold to defend themselves!

What do we know about the healing properties of black currant? What healthy recipes you can prepare from it for your health? That’s what we will discuss in this article.


Vitamin C in berries and leaves of currant about 180 mg askorbinki per 100 g of product. An adult according to our Russian standards a day takes 100-150 mg of vitamin C. daily Eat only a couple handfuls of fresh berries. In winter, brew the leaves of currant, eat frozen berries or pureed with sugar berries. And you will be guaranteed to obtain to the health of vitamin C.
Vitamins A, E, R, K, group B are present in currants in small quantities. But it is also very important because vitamin C is better absorbed not by itself, but in the presence of other vitamins as well as bioflavonoids.
Minerals: iron, magnesium and calcium, manganese, aluminum, silver and others are included in vitamin-mineral complex of black currant. The minerals present in easily digestible chelate form, i.e., associated with the amino acids of plants.
Simple sugars (glucose and fructose), bioflavonoids, pectins, tannins and essential oils, antioxidants, various fruit acids are valuable medicinal components of black currant and leaf.
Calorie blackcurrant only 62 calories per 100 grams.


As you know, antioxidants inactivate the free radicals that affect the organs and systems of the detrimental, destructive effect. Currants are rich in anthocyanins (colouring of the skin in black currant). There are many alpha — and gamma-linolenic acid (contained in the seeds of berries). These substances are the protectors of our health:

Antioxidants prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis and hypertension.
Improve visual acuity. It is considered that for the prevention of visual impairments need to have blueberries. So, the black currant contains even more antioxidants that protect the lens and the retinal vessels and prevents the development of cataracts and myopia.
Black currants are used for people with diabetes. In the fruiting period make sure to eat two handfuls of berries.
Wonderful antioxidant properties of berries can help people suffering from memory loss. They improve the overall functioning of the brain.
Black currant strengthens the immune system, so do the harvesting of berries and leaves for the winter and use them in the winter when there is increased risk of Contracting influenza. Scientists from Japan have revealed the antiviral properties of antioxidants from black currant against influenza virus A and B.
For women’s health black currant is particularly useful because the substances contained in the berries help to produce sex hormones. These properties are the anthocyanins of black rind of the fruit and linolenic acid contained in the seeds of berries. Black currant is used in treatment of infertility, menopause
Black currant normalizes metabolism. It helps in the treatment of chronic gastritis with low acidity, intestinal dysbiosis, chronic pancreatitis.
Fresh black currants have a high tonic properties. It must be applied after surgery or severe illness, with anemia to increase hemoglobin levels, when the total deficiency.
Currants and the infusion of its leaves is used during treatment of influenza and respiratory infections, as a diaphoretic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and cleansing blood herbal remedy.
Decoction of leaves and berries currants treat bleeding gums.
Black currants used in home cosmetology. Prepare face masks, adding to pureed currants, honey, Flaxseed or olive oil. Strengthen the nail phalanx, rubbing them into the flesh of the berries.
In diseases of the liver and kidneys, accompanied by metabolic disorders and high blood concentration of uric acid salts are used the leaves and berries of the plant.


For therapeutic purposes, traditional medicine recommends to use both the berries and leaves of black currant. Berries can be eaten fresh, frozen, in jam-five-minutes, pureed with sugar, dried. Currant leaves are dried and consumed in the course of the year. Prepared for the future in raw retains all the vitamins and minerals.

How to freeze currants?

Sort the collected fruit, removing all wrinkled and spoiled. Rinse gently in running water and place on paper towels. Dry. Then the berries spread out on a flat dish in a single layer and place in freezer. After freezing, put the berries in the container for storage and place in the freezer.

How to prepare the leaves of black currants for the winter?

Leaf collection should be carried out in the second half of June and the month of July. Pluck the leaves of medium size, not tear them apart. Dry, dry, spread on clean sheets of paper or cotton fabric. Properly dried leaves crumble easily. Keep them in cloth bags or in closed glass jars.

How to dry currants?

Honestly, never done it. I like the currant when it is rubbed with sand. If you have elevated blood sugar levels, it is better to use frozen or dried berries.

To dry the berries, in principle, easy. First you need to sort, wash and dry berries. Then spread in a single layer on a baking sheet and a few hours drying in the oven. The temperature is not above 50 degrees, not to destroy the vitamins.

Recipe 1: Vitamin tea from the leaves of black currant.

Cooking is very simple. Tablespoon chopped dry leaf or two tablespoons mixed with a teaspoon of black or green tea. Just pour a liter of boiling water and insist.

The recipe can slightly change, taking additionally leaves other berries: strawberry, raspberry, rose hips. Get a great vitamin drink that can be consumed before the next summer season.

Recipe 2: Diaphoretic, antipyretic, the infusion of berries.

If you have a cold, take a spoon a tablespoon currant berries per Cup of boiling water. Allow to steep and drink when the temperature does not exceed 38-39 degrees, a cough and sore throat. If the temperature exceeds this mark, will have to take analgesic medication.

Recipe 3: Tired of coughing? Mix 3 tablespoons of currant juice and a spoon of honey. Divide the portion in three times. From a sore throat will help mixed with water and the juice of the currant. Use it to rinse.

Recipe 4: Use in hypertension.

Mix berries with honey ( 2 tablespoons) and 1 tablespoon of honey. It is good to use to stabilize the pressure. This allows to reduce the dosage of drugs.

Recipe 5: chronic pielotsistit, disease kidney stones to relieve swelling and cleanse the kidneys.

Used 5 tablespoons dried currant leaves per litre of boiling water. After steeping and straining, drink the infusion throughout the day.

Recipe 6: in chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer with low acidity.
To prepare pure juice from berries of black currant and take a tablespoon before each meal.