Our eyes the power of computers.

Dry eye syndrome – the scourge of our time. In the days of our parents, when computers were rare even in the enterprises, this syndrome suffered from a small percentage of the population and the reasons were always in some internal diseases. But today the wide spread of computer technology has literally enslaved by our eyes. As a result, dry eye syndrome is familiar to almost everyone.

The reasons for the development of the disease in computer users

To begin with – a brief excursion into physiology. If you think that the tears are manufactured in our bodies only when we cry – you are mistaken. This process occurs continuously. Only in a relaxed state, they do not flow like water, as during crying, but only slightly moisten the inside of the upper eyelid. During blinking, these tears wet all of the surface of the eye, prevent its drying, and disinfected. This, indeed, is the need of the process of blinking.

In repose our eyelids close to two dozen times per minute. But computer seriously reduces this figure. Intently grasp and peering at the screen, we would give the brain a command not to blink, so as not to interfere with a thoughtful workflow. And the twink really starts to happen less often. The eye does not receive the necessary moisture gradually dries out, becomes more susceptible to outside infections and stimuli. If measures are not taken on time – develops dry eye syndrome, requiring prolonged and serious treatment.


  • The first and most common is a feeling of dryness and cramps in the eyes. There is a constant desire to RUB the eyelids, which unfortunately only worsens the situation.
  • The eyes become red, there may be broken blood vessels in the white of the eye.
  • Oddly enough, but one of the symptoms can become increased lacrimation. This is due to the fact that in the brain begin to receive signals about the lack of tears. In the end, they flow freely, but alas, the eye it does not help: such a copious tears are produced by changing the composition. They have more water but less fat. The eyes moistened, but not for long, as tears lack the necessary substance to create on the surface a protective film that holds moisture.

Associated disease factors

  • A special risk group are office workers. They have to work with computers join and dehydrated because of appliances air, conditioners and fans. Last aggravate the situation the constant movement of the air in addition to drying the surface of the eyeball.
  • Hard suffer and smokers. Their drying up from sitting at the computer eyes lose the natural protective film, which would save them from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.
  • Media contact lenses are also is to be careful – they are much more susceptible to dry eye syndrome.


The first thing to do if you experience dry eye syndrome is to compensate for the deficiency of the tear film. There are special slittamento – pharmacy means that are close in composition to human tears. When choosing them, pay attention to the presence of preservatives. Ideally, the drug should not have them at all, because any preservative is toxic and can harm the eye. For example, fountain solution “Gilan” is made without preservatives. The problem of storage duration it is implemented in another way – it comes in the form of so-called “Unidos,” each in a separate bottle and is designed for one-time admission. The composition of the solution is maximally identical to human tears and contains hyaluronic acid, capable of creating a protective film that holds moisture on the eye surface. Due to the safe composition, the drug can be used even for children and pregnant women, as well as instilled in the eye, without removing the lenses. The remedy is not addictive and can be used for a long time.

The second necessary measure is to monitor the frequency of blinking, deliberately raising her. Periodically yourself close your eyes by allowing the eyelids to put on eye protective film. Don’t sit at the computer continuously for hours – always make a break for the eyes for 15 minutes every hour.

Finally, eliminate external stimuli that worsen the situation: turn off air conditioners and fans, stay away from cigarette smoke, do not RUB your eyes, set the room humidifier.

Do not forget about moisturizing from the inside – drink more water.

If the measures taken are insufficient and the feeling of dry eyes you leave – be sure to consult your doctor. Take care of yourself and be healthy!