Smoking and breast-feeding.

Smoking and breastfeeding – these are two incompatible things! Nicotine, which is contained in the breast milk of Smoking women, breastfeeding has a negative impact on the child, making him restless, and markedly reduces the baby’s sleep time, that is the conclusion reached by scientists of the center for chemistry of Monell. During the study,… Read more Smoking and breast-feeding.

What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is a preparation containing dead or weakened microorganisms that cause infectious diseases. By introducing into the human body a weakened or killed microorganisms in quantity which do not in any way can not cause disease, but enough, the body began to react to them, develop immunity, that is immunity. At the second meeting,… Read more What is a vaccine?

Found a way to get rid of the genetic predisposition to obesity.

An international team of scientists came to the conclusion that regular physical activity can reduce the negative impact of the genetic determinants of the propensity of a person to obesity. A study published in the journal PLOS Genetics. Experts have established that regular physical exercise reduces the activity of the gene FTO, which increases the… Read more Found a way to get rid of the genetic predisposition to obesity.