Patients with enlarged prostate and benign hyperplasia can forget about impotence

Impotence is a frequent outcome of the operation conducted under the framework of the treatment of prostate problems. But doctors with figured out how to avoid the unpleasant effect. We are talking about the procedure of embolization arteries prostate. It promises to turn the lives of men with enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Until recently, doctors could only surgically remove the problematic part of the prostate that increased the risk of sexual dysfunction, incontinence, bleeding and infection. Embolization is not as dangerous and is performed under local anesthesia. Through the catheter into the blood vessels is injected microscopic plastic particles no bigger than grains of sand.

Particles clog the blood vessels diverging from the femoral artery. This allows to reduce the volume of blood flowing into the prostate. This makes it possible to reduce the prostate volume by one-third. The remaining blood flow is sufficient for normal functioning of the body.

Was already conducted clinical trials in Portugal and Brazil. 4-6 hours after the procedure, patients are able to return home. In particular, tests at the University of são Paulo showed that the prostate was reduced by 30%. And another test with the participation of 84 people suggests that indicators of success of the operation 98,5%.