Psychologists are strongly recommended to buy children pets

According to research by American scientists, if the family has a pet, the risk of developing anxiety disorders the child is greatly reduced. As reports “курсе.RU” experts conducted the analysis on a sample of 643 children of 7-8 years. 50% of children lived at home animals (dogs). Experts were interested not only that, but the signs of anxiety in children.

In the end, it turned out that the group of children who had dogs, anxiety was recorded only in 12%. But the group did not have animals (dogs) at home, the percentage of children with anxiety was 21%. Psychologists claim that during the games with the dog, the child decreases the level of cortisol – stress hormone, by the way, is associated not only with mental issues.

And the results of another study – the University of Manchester – all say that Pets are shown to individuals with mental disabilities. In a survey conducted by scientists, was attended by 54 volunteers aged 18 years, suffering from severe mental illness. Experts have found that Pets had a special place in the circle of friends of 60% of the participants.

Pets provide volunteer support, which they could not get from family and friends. In addition, Pets have played an important role during acute. They distract the participants from the symptoms and negative emotions, for example, voters who heard the volunteers, or suicidal thoughts. Researchers say contact with Pets should be included in the complex of therapeutic measures for such patients.