Scientists and doctors assure: the cats are able to protect against disease

Cats are the real healers. This is evidenced by a number of studies. For example, the University of Melbourne found out: shooting and viewing pictures with cats rescued from depression, neuroses and anxiety. Photo worked even against people who lived in a state of chronic prolonged stress. Patients faster out of their critical conditions, writes “RSUTE”.

But the staff of the University of Toronto proved that purring of a cat in the brain activates the same pleasure centers that delicious food or alcohol. It is therefore not surprising that among the “cat people” a fraction of alcoholics than among single people. In clinics for alcoholics and drug addicts Finland and Norway are often used to communicate with the animals paired with traditional medicines as a therapy.

In turn, other research experts from Edinburgh – established a link between health and the presence of his Pets. It turned out, the most positive effect was produced by cats. Their owners by 18-20% less likely to suffer from heart attacks and strokes than people without animals.

Especially useful for cats men. As the statistics in the UK, more than 70% of men lived to 85 years old, had cats. Stanford University emphasizes that having a pet reduces the risk of cancer. Also, doctors advise patients with high blood pressure and meteodependent people often pet cats. This process reduces the pressure and relieves tension, spasms of the vessels.