The saliva that accumulates on the gum that can detect the presence of disease and the kind of the cancer process in the body. To such conclusion the group of scientists from Alabama, who offered his innovation in the field of diagnosis of cancer.

Employees from a biotech company has developed a specific chewing gum, which can be detected in human cancerous lesion of the pancreas, lung and breast. The essence of this innovation is that during the process of chewing gum there are certain chemical compounds contained in saliva, which are characteristic of some varieties of cancer. In such combinations, clinicians will be able to determine the flow in the body of a person has cancer and what type it is inherent.

According to the biologists, chemical substances that pose a particular volatile compounds unique to each variety of cancer.

In addition, another positive aspect of this invention is that it can replace the conventional tests, to produce a result which required a certain period of time. The newest methods of diagnostics will be many times more accurate because the gum is in the mouth of a patient with suspected cancer.

Such a discovery will give you the opportunity to save more lives because it can detect cancer progress even at the initial stages of its development. As you know, almost any kind of cancer in the early stages of its formation occurs entirely asymptomatic or expressed signs which are not capable of accuracy to indicate the presence of cancer lesion of an organ.