Sex in the hot summer? Dangerous!

Many doctors say that sexual relations in the summer is unhealthy and dangerous, according to levitra. Especially a male. It is no secret that the holiday at the seaside enhances romantic mood and makes people more relaxed. But a spicy adventure in sex in the sea waves could present a nasty surprise. For example, “triggered” a condom.

The fact is that manufacturers of condoms do not test their products under conditions of high humidity, and there is no guarantee that during sex in the sea the condom is completely effective. Moreover, the manufacturers suggest to avoid complete immersion of the condom in the water, – for their own safety. First, wear a condom in water – in itself a difficult task. Second, during sex in water washes away the moisture of the condom lubricant. In turn, the doctors indicate that the water also washes away the natural “vaginal” of the female body.

Harmful bacteria

Another year dangers of sex on the beach. Is the risk of infection by pathogenic bacteria, especially in cases where partners do not use condoms. Sex on the beach involves hot weather, and, hence, bacteria start to multiply very quickly – it is calculated that when the temperature increases 10 degrees, the number of bacteria in water increased by 17%. They cause a whole bunch of infections: urinary, gastrointestinal, respiratory, blood.

By the way, like harmful bacteria not only water but also sand, which can nest the spores of Enterococcus, the causative agents of endocarditis, diverticulitis, and Escherichia coli.

Sex in the heat

The summer heat has a serious impact on intimate relationships. Moreover, men from it gets especially. In particular, according to doctors, men are more likely to fail in bed because of the sweltering hot weather.

Affect sex-typical preferences of the type of “gentleman’s set”, which often accompanies intimate relationships. Enter it strong alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, and often pills viagra or sealeks. And taking all this when the window is plus 35 degrees, men, unknowingly, inflict on your body crushing blow.

It turns out that even at a comfortable, room temperature plus 20 degrees heart at the moment of orgasm is reduced to 200 beats per minute. While blood pressure jumps up to 230/130 mm Hg at the norm of 120 over 80. In the heat load on the heart increases because he has to work more often due to lack of oxygen in stuffy air. And taking drugs that increase the potency, men additionally make the blood circulate several times faster. If to this be added and other “stimulants”, the heart may simply not survive and explode.

Doctors warn: intimate relationships in a heat deadly not only for men but also for women who have had angina, hypertension, heart attack or stroke.

In other cases, doctors recommend that men (especially over 40) to have sex in the heat only under cover of night, when the heat abated. Or under a cool shower. While women should take an active role in sexual games, to ease the strain of their men. Especially if they are much older than their companions.