Stem cells will help in treatment of impotence

At least 50% of men who held one-time treatment of erectile dysfunction using stem cells after six months was able to make love.

Just one injection of stem cells can contribute productively to eliminate impotence in the long term, report scientists from Denmark.

This therapy is very valuable and the fact that not only treats the symptoms and regenerates the function of the penis. Thus, we could offer only one procedure and this is very attractive to many men because they do not have to take pills. “If confirmed in no less large studies, we will get a new harmless treatment that is no less effective than Viagra,” says Haahr working in There they begin to turn into nerve and muscle cells, and endothelial cells lining the blood vessels. Each participant was taken a small sample of fat from the stomach by liposuction. Later this material was implanted into stem cells, which are mutated in any cell of the human body. A single shot will return to men the capacity for spontaneous sex.

The test involved 20 men who did not respond to treatment of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the positive effect persisted even after 12 months after injection. “We currently develop new experiments to better evaluate its effectiveness and confirm its safety,” say the authors.