Sudden infant death syndrome.

Sudden infant death syndrome

As the scientists of the University of Bristol, in 9 of 10 cases the cause of sudden infant death syndrome children is a non-Smoking mother. Professor Peter Fleming said that the main reasons for sudden infant death, as it is called “death in the cradle”, Smoking related and much earlier. In the UK not so long ago was a restriction of Smoking in public places. This is very alarmed experts because they believe that this limitation may lead to that people will start to smoke more at home. In this regard, it was decided to conduct further research on the topic effects of Smoking on the unborn child, as well as additional studies for children in their early years of life.

Sudden infant death

Statistics show that the number of women smokers has markedly decreased over the last 15 years. But despite this, cases of sudden infant death women who smoke increased. As specialists declare, this is due to the effect of the campaign, conducted in 1991, when experts urged all mothers to put babies on their backs when they are asleep. After the campaign has significantly reduced the incidents of finding dead kids in bed lying on his stomach. All this leads to the conclusion that now the main cause of the risk of SIDS is Smoking. Scientists advise women who are unable to quit Smoking during pregnancy to protect children from tobacco smoke, i.e. the smoke, the children. Thus it is possible to prevent the sudden death of an infant.