The Americans are going to revive the brain.

The staff of the American biotechnology company Bioquark plan to prove that brain death is not irreversible. For the realization biologists have developed a unique technology to “reinvigorate” the main human body.

The authors of the new experiment are confident that if successful, the developed technology have a great future. Ira Pastor, CEO, drew attention to the fact that people are deprived of some of the possibilities of regeneration of the Central nervous system, but the representatives of many species able to fix and even to animate separate parts of his brain and his brain stem. Moreover, they can resume the brain even after a fairly serious injury.

The pastor together with his colleagues launched a project ReAmina, which will give the opportunity to study in more detail the potential of the latest biomedical developments, allowing to “revive” the brain. In the next phase, scientists will conduct a series of experiments involving people who are already officially pronounced dead, but continue to live in the so-called vegetative state.

Currently, scientists have already received permission to conduct the first phase of the research. Within this part of the experiment biologists will work with a group of patients aged 15 to 65 years, who were in a state of brain death due to traumatic brain injury. Through peptides, stem cells, lasers, and nerve stimulation, the researchers plan to achieve recovery of brain tissue.

As for the first results of this unique study, according to preliminary calculations, they should already be a few months later. And only then we can judge about the fate of the experiment.