The heart of a pig and body of a baboon – can they exist together?

Thanks to modern genetic knowledge could the baboons live 945 days since he transplanted the heart of a pig. The achieved results of this experiment give hope for successful transplantation of human organs from donor animals.

As you know, the transplantation of organs from one species to another, xenotransplantation, Otradnaya through the reaction of the immune system of the recipient. The thing is that in such cases, the immune system attacks a foreign body. The average survival period undergoing this kind of operation up to 400 days, and this is the best.

The author of the experiment, in the course of the meeting, decided not to change the heart of a baboon heart pig, and just give one last by connecting it to the circulatory system of the monkey. The objects of study, as a rule, in such cases, are exactly the baboons because of their relative proximity to humans.

In order to prevent organ rejection, the researchers used genetically modified donor pigs. The latter was fully adapted for compatibility with the primates. Moreover, to completely avoid rejection, the baboons were injected antibody and suppress the action of immune system drugs.

In the experiment, the scientists transplanted five hearts. One of these five monkeys have been able to live with a new on 945 days. As for the other four, they lived, with an average of 298 days. This fact makes the new technique is far from perfect, but on the other hand is the right direction to achieving success.

Practice shows that people with transplanted organs, throughout life must take special drugs that suppress the rejection mechanisms. And this is another important reason for more persistent work on the improvement of the above-mentioned methods of transplantation.