The research team from Massachusetts announced that they had found a method which will help to significantly increase the activity of the human brain.

The necessity of finding new methods of increasing the activity of this body is that the currently common problem of dementia. Clinicians have noted that people are more likely to be diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments affecting the brain. Scientists have been searching for ways to overcome or prevent the development of such ailments. It should be noted that they may occur not only in elderly individuals, but also the people of the younger age group.

In addition, scientists argue that memory loss could become a progressive pathology since 35 years. From this it follows that it is important to follow a number of simple rules that will give the brain the opportunity to stay longer in good shape.

To do this, researchers have developed a special method aimed at increasing the activity of this important human organ. It was found that this can be achieved with exercise, but only under conditions of moderate load. The essence lies in the circulation – regular exercise leads to normal functioning of the circulatory system, causing blood circulation is improved. Against this background, the brain gets sufficient oxygen, allowing for longer stays in the active state.

In addition, a beneficial effect has stress. Moderate stressful situations launch the body’s processes that cause cells to do their work several times faster. However, we are talking about a slight stress that requires increased attention, which leads to increased brain activity.