The reverse side of vaccination.

Immunologist Andrew Reid (Andrew Read) from the University of Edinburgh created a mathematical model that predicts the consequences of ill-considered implementation of some vaccination programmes. Reid recognizes that the use of most available vaccines is safe.

But this applies only to drugs that stimulate the natural immune response so that infectious bacteria and viruses, or even die, or be completely unable to reproduce. Meanwhile, some vaccines now being developed, among them drugs for malaria and anthrax, causing a slightly different effect: they either slow down the development of infection or impress generated by pathogen toxins. If the patient is a carrier of the virus that gets the time and opportunity to adapt and evolve. This strategy, according to reed, is fraught with the appearance of new strains, to fight that will be even harder. In the end, it may be a situation when the vaccine will kill more people than save. Immunologists claim that special attention should be taken to under development of vaccines against HIV and hepatitis B and C. the Best and most secure solution is to create drugs that won’t let viruses linger long in the human body.