The use of water for human body the “Medicine” for the health.

Hello, dear visitors and readers of our blog! How many articles in the Internet dedicated to the use of water in human life! Not count! On any site dedicated to a Healthy lifestyle is bound to have such an article! So what? Not it makes more sense to write about it?

In my opinion, very much worth it! Thousands of people do not drink clean water, content with the fact that their diet is present in tea, coffee, yogurt, fruits, vegetables. I also know many people who tearfully say: “Well I can’t just drink clean water! Well, not is I can not make myself”!
You also met such people? I don’t love to drink water. However, knowing how useful it is for my health, I’m not saying I won’t drink it. I just drink it! Yes, Yes! Two to two and a half liters every day drink! This is in addition to tea, coffee, soup etc. Nothing was used!

So, let’s just talk about the beneficial properties of water in the human body! Perhaps through this article we will have even more supporters of a Healthy lifestyle! Because without water man can not live. It heals, prevents and cures many diseases!

The use of water for the human body known to mankind from ancient times. All life on Earth is composed of water! Plants – 90% of the adult human body and 70 %. Regular, plain water physicians of the past treated patients. And it’s not just popular words or catch phrase. Let’s analyze the use of water in our lives and make sure of the need for its daily use.


1. Every day the body loses about 2.5 litres of water, thanks to the work of kidneys, lungs, skin and intestines. What do You think, to fill her need? Of course! Otherwise there will be dehydration. This will increase the salt content, and glucose in the blood and tissues of the body. Significantly impair the metabolism, and this is leading to very serious diseases.

2. Is it possible to fill the water content in the body liquid diet? Well, fresh vegetables and fruits, of course you can. A pound of apples is equivalent to 0,5 litres of clean water. Means to deliver 2.5 liters of water in the body, to eat 2.5 kg of apples (or other fruits and vegetables). Unfortunately, the person always there is an aversion to the food, which is too much in his diet. Even delicious fruits and vegetables.

3. Why not replenish the water the body of tea, coffee, soup and other liquid food? Coffee is a good diuretic, so it will be further facilitated by the removal of fluid. In addition, the liquid food we need for good digestion. Liquid food, mingling with thick, lighter processed by enzymes of the intestine, easier motor skills and promotion of food bolus, facilitating the absorption of small food particles through the intestinal wall, does not occur constipation. But to ensure that metabolic processes in tissues and organs need a completely different water. Clean, structured!

To get clean water from a liquid food the body will have to work hard so that she won’t have energy to work the heart, brain, blood vessels, and motor activity of the muscles and all other organs! And it is not adapted our body to produce so fluid for their needs. Without water people cannot live. Therefore, one conclusion – drink clean water, in addition to what You eat!

4. Clean water provides the metabolism in all cells of our body. Cell is a very complex entity! It is a body in miniature! She “eats, drinks and highlights”! Where it prevails, cellular nutrition? From the intercellular liquid. Here the blood vessels bring the blood amino acids, fatty acids, glucose, vitamins and minerals. If a person is content with only liquid food and drink additional pure water, it thickened the blood, interstitial fluid few cells closely! Nowhere to take the nutrients and nowhere to highlight waste!

This is very similar to the condition experienced by people hurrying to work that morning. In the subway, on the escalator sometimes each other in the head to breathe, such a crowd! Close to each other, people pressed! Here in this situation we deliberately put their cells, when not drinking clean water! Eventually, the body salakavala. We begin to feel very sick, tired, work hard!

5. Man is much easier to tolerate starvation than the lack of drinking water. This, unfortunately, proved by people who find themselves in extreme conditions, for example, in the open ocean after a shipwreck. People die from dehydration and intoxication. The body accumulates intermediate products of metabolism. They poison the liver, kidneys, nervous and cardiovascular system.

6. Without food a person can live for a month. How long can you live without water? Only 3 – 5 days! What signs indicate dehydration?

Dehydration of only 1 to 5% appears thirst, dry mouth, General weakness, low physical activity, impaired mental clarity, nausea, and upset stomach;

Dehydration 6-10% – this is a heavy condition: shortness of breath, headache, salivation stops, it is difficult to move. Confused, tongue-tied;

On 11-20% life threatening condition: delirium, painful muscle spasms, bone-dry, swollen tongue, gallizioli. But a person can still be saved in many cases, giving him to drink clean water;

25% dehydration death occurs.

Fortunately, we are not in extreme situations. But if you drink enough water, will inevitably impair metabolism. Due to chronic intoxication all cellular structures become a target for free radicals. And gradually begins to break the spine, joints, vessels. Developing certain chronic diseases: osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, asthma, diabetes, osteoarthritis. One solution is to learn to drink clean water! This will be Your primary medication and the way to health.

A man drinking water on a daily basis, ensures a good functioning of the internal organs. Due to fluid, blood moves faster through the blood vessels, and therefore better is supplied to the brain and heart muscle. Due to the water increases the amount of synovial fluid, so there is no pain in the joints and spine. Through the use of clean water, women losing weight because accelerates the metabolism of fat tissue. Water helps to eliminate all toxins from the body, maintaining acid-base balance, optimal state of metabolic processes.

How much water a day should drink people? At the beginning of the article I have already cited the figures of water loss of our body during the day. Liquid is removed from the body as part of urine, feces, sweat and breath. That’s how much is removed (2.5 liters), much pure water we should drink during the day. Then we will have no dehydration.

Never try to drink a lot of water. It should be spread evenly throughout the day. Drink in small SIPS between meals. Don’t drink too cold water. This disrupts the digestion of food.

What water is the most useful? I think that that is available. It can be boiled water, water from the cooler, which can be home to enjoy and in many offices it is. Very useful for melt-water, but its long cooking time. At home I drink plain boiled water. But making the evening a delicious drink. Pour boiling water over chopped ginger root and during the night he insists. In the morning squeeze the lemon juice. If you add chopped cucumber and mint leaves, get the water Sassi, which is now so popular on the Internet. Drink your beverage in the morning and evening. At work we have a water cooler.

The use of water for the human body is obvious. This fact needs no proof. All life on Earth originated from water. The fruit in the womb is 90 % water. It is important to note that for a successful leaky metabolism, we need clean water. It’s not a scarce product! Water is our life. Drink more water and improve your health