The world will soon be resistant to the virus pigs.

The scientific staff of Rossinskogo Institute created genetically modified pigs that are resistant to PRRSV viruses, can provoke reproductive and respiratory syndrome.

During the experiment the scientists used a technology called CRISPR/Cas9. Through this methodology it has been deleted part of the gene responsible for the penetration of the virus into cells. The edit DNA was carried out already in the first stages of embryo development. A genetic cassette that encodes a protein called Cas9, and guide RNA, it was introduced in the zygote. At the end of the last manipulation, was transplanted sows.

Further analysis showed that the cells of piglets born was not susceptible to the major strains of the virus. The fact that animal protein CD163 was absent. This protein must be located on the surface of immune cells macrophages. Thus, scientists have proved that pigs, whose gene, which encodes a protein that contains changes that are not subjected to infection reproductive and respiratory syndrome.

Technology CRISPR/Cas9 is a complex of molecules, through which scientists cut DNA at a specific location. Cas9 acts like a pair of scissors, and drink already connecting with nucleic acid based on complementarity, protein specifies the exact location of the cut.