Preliminary studies have shown that toothpaste contains substances that are potentially carcinogenic, so it may be a cause of cancer development. On this occasion in France is expected to organize a large-scale clinical study.

Previously it was reported that in chewing gums, toothpaste and some foods contains titanium dioxide. But to what extent it has a negative impact on the human body, has not been established. The study was conducted by scientists from the University of Toulouse, together with the staff of the Luxembourg Institute of science and technology.

To confirm their fears, the researchers conducted a practical experiment. For 100 days in water which was consumed by laboratory rats, was added a solution of titanium dioxide. The results of this practical experiment in 40% of laboratory rodents in the gut found tumors. Although before the experiment it does not have any prerequisites. It is noted that it is still not cancer, however, such a clinical picture significantly increases the risk of cancer development. In order to ascertain the impact of this element on the human body, scientists are going to organize a large-scale clinical study involving people.

It was stated earlier that titanium dioxide is contained even in food products – chocolate, candy, chewing gum and similar products. There is a dangerous connection in some cosmetic medicine – sunscreen, lotions for body care. It is noted that it is dangerous to not only the direct use of products with this element, but its inhalation. Therefore, you should limit yourself in the use of such products or even to exclude them.