What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is a preparation containing dead or weakened microorganisms that cause infectious diseases. By introducing into the human body a weakened or killed microorganisms in quantity which do not in any way can not cause disease, but enough, the body began to react to them, develop immunity, that is immunity. At the second meeting, but with a real (living) pathogen the human body is able to prevent infection or to lessen the effects of the disease.

Constantly increasing quality of the injected vaccine, are excluded or minimized the negative aspects of their composition. Recently created combination vaccines consisting of three or more antigens, which, given a single introduction is capable to protect from several diseases.

What immunizations and vaccinations helped, at the time, and still help to cope with many infectious diseases. Many of us, for example, often forget that any cut or wound, which hit the dirt, can serve as gateways for the deadly disease tetanus. It should be recalled that the toxin of tetanus sticks acts on all the muscles, frantically cutting them. Also affects the muscles of breathing that leads to indiscriminate reduction, disturbed breathing, and the result of all this is fatal. Person infected with tetanus Bacillus, unfortunately, has very little chance to recover and heal. Tetanus bacteria is widespread in nature. The only and very effective way to protect yourself against tetanus is vaccination. The main thing you need to remember that vaccination should take place on time.