Why the need for preventive teeth cleaning?

Everyone cares about dental health. Someone more, someone less, but whatever it was, we all turn to the dentist.

Very happy, if after a long break in visits to the doctor found that you have serious problems in the form of deep caries etc. But such cases are, unfortunately, not common.

Even if you regularly and diligently brush your teeth twice a day, but already more than half had not visited a dentist, your teeth in danger.

The plaque that remains after each meal tends to mineralizatsiya for 12 hours. So if you are in the morning, brushed his teeth, at 07:00, then the next time (theoretically) they need to be cleaned at 19:00.

But let’s answer honestly, who of us, arriving from work at best at 19:00, runs to brush teeth?! That’s it – no one!

Note: even advertising of toothpaste convinces us that it will protect the teeth for 12 hours, claiming that 12 hours of one or the other brand will preserve and protect your teeth. Not 11, not 13, 14 or 15, namely 12 hours. For example, I’ve never met a toothpaste, guaranteeing protection even at 13 hours. This is due to the chemical properties of plaque.

Mineralizatsiya plaque forms a so-called plaque, which is impossible to remove with a toothbrush. Under this plaque creates the ideal conditions for bacteria that lead to cavities and tooth decay. Very gradually, plaque turns into Tartar, which becomes all the more noticeable, darker and harder. And thus impairs the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

Fortunately, all may not be so bad if once every six months to visit the dentist to do a preventive cleaning of the teeth.

A routine cleaning is not a panacea. But with it, you can not only protect your teeth from various diseases and destruction, but also to achieve a cosmetic effect.

If you have ever thought about teeth whitening, we advise you to undergo a preventive dental cleaning. Maybe the whitening will not be required. After the procedure, a preventive cleaning of your teeth will be lightened 1-2 tones, and breath freshen up. And all this at a much lower price.

Preventive cleaning will help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile and you will always be the center of attention and to win people.